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The Seven Churches: Revelation 2:1 - In our preliminary discussion of the seven churches in the previous installment of this series it was explained that, in addition to being seven literal and historical local churches existing in John's day, these seven are also representative of the seven eras of the Church Age that had only just begun at the time Revelation was written.

Jesus, with the behavior pattern of legalistic unbelief in mind into which the Israel of His day had fallen, prophesied to His contemporaries that the current "generation" would "not pass away" until His return (Lk. in context), a clear reference to a grouping defined not by longevity but rather by consistent corporate behavior (a point reiterated by the apostle Paul: esp. Overview of the Seven Church Periods: Before proceeding to a detailed exegesis of Revelation chapters two and three, it will be helpful here to provide a brief synopsis of the seven Church periods they describe: 1.

: Each of the seven churches represents an era of the Church.

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Relating present events and circumstance in this way as models for understanding future realities is a phenomenon which occurs quite frequently in biblical prophecy, as we have taken pains to show in part 1 of this series (cf.Through our nationwide franchise network of home staging experts, Showhomes has helped over 30,000 Homeowners and their Realtors sell homes valued at over billion! Our management team, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has broad experience in real estate, design, customer service and franchise operations.We're dedicated to bringing you unparalleled expertise, responsiveness, professionalism and results.the entire second half of Isaiah which, as we have seen, deals with a [then] future Babylonian captivity as an extended analogy to the end times).

So this use of seven actual churches to lay out trends which were to take place in the following two millennia of the Church Age is not without biblical parallel. For us, the current generation of the Church, standing on the very brink of the Tribulation, this "hope" is more tangible than ever before, because there is the very real prospect (if not the inevitability) that some who read these words will survive in the flesh to see our Lord return to earth, and will at that moment be "caught up" in resurrection at His glorious return.