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Airing exclusively on Tennis Channel, the show is the latest in the network’s line of original documentaries chronicling the careers of some of history’s greatest tennis players.

Unlike the three previous Signature Series episodes — featuring Andre Agassi, Rene La Coste and Pete Sampras — Martina is both subject narrator of the film.

Your legacy started with basketball, but it won’t end there.

I am so anal about it, you don’t even want to be around me. Nancy’s new book, Playbook for Success: A Hall of Famer’s Business Tactics for Teamwork and Leadership, came out in October.

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But Martina also talks about her personal life, including her defection to the U. at age 18 and her struggle to win over American fans.

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Growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens, most of the kids in the schoolyard were boys and it was actually kind of cool, because it was a wonderful outlet for me. These young women care deeply about the game – when I look at them, I have to smile from side to side. We’ve sent tens of thousands of children through my camps in 27 years. I’m not taking my house, I’m not taking my car, I’m not taking my money with me. Muhammed Ali said service to others is the rent you pay for the room and board on earth.

My parents were getting divorced, I was a poor kid from a one-parent family, and playing in schoolyards gave me a sense of self-worth and independence – I’ll never forget how the guys embraced me. I hope they make millions and millions playing this game and become wildly successful because I’ll be the first one cheering them on. At 52, I probably could shut it down and say ‘You know what? And every day that I take a breath is a day for me to serve people, whether it’s in women’s basketball, or my foundation – where we’ve given over 12,000 scholarships to children. I’ve been to cooking school two or three different times. I love cooking seafood – lobsters, scampis, soft-shell crab. I will never forget my moments at Rucker Park (famous basketball court in Harlem).

At eighteen, she was the youngest basketball player in Olympic history, helping the U. She’s been a WNBA coach and general manager, and twice set the record for oldest player in the WNBA. That was an epiphany for me; I wasn’t as confident as I thought I was without the ball in my hand, without people cheering for me.