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22-Jan-2018 18:57

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Dennis Forbes recently ran a number of websites through the validator, including this one, with predictably bad results: In short, we live in malformed world.So much so that you begin to question whether validation matters at all.This makes the HTML Java Script environment a rather unique -- and often frustrating -- software development platform. There are provisions and mechanisms for validating your HTML markup through the official W3C Validator.Playing with the validator underscores how deep that forgiveness by default policy has permeated the greater web.Mark Pilgrim makes the case for validation: I am not claiming that your page, once validated, will automatically render flawlessly in every browser; it may not.I am also not claiming that there aren't talented designers who can create old-style "Tag Soup" pages that do work flawlessly in every browser; there certainly are.Kentico provides built-in page validation features. The main advantage of the built-in validators over standard web based validation services is that your pages do not need to be live to get validated.

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For example, this is not allowed in HTML strict: , a perfectly harmless attribute for links that you want to open in a different browser tab/window, is somehow verboten in HTML 4.01 strict. I couldn't help feeling that validating as HTML 4.01 strict, at least in our case, was a giant exercise in to-may-to versus to-mah-to, punctuated by aggravating changes that we were forced to make for no practical benefit.

When you make a purchase online, you’ll be asked to enter your name as it appears on your credit card, the billing address associated with that credit card, the card number, the card expiration date and the validation code.

If the validation code is incorrect or missing, the transaction will not be approved.

But the validator is an automated tool that can highlight small but important errors that are difficult to track down by hand.

If you create valid markup most of the time, you can take advantage of this automation to catch your occasional mistakes.There's an officially supported workaround, but it's only implemented by Opera, so in effect .. In order to comply with the HTML 4.01 strict validator, you need to remove that attribute and replace it with Java Script that does the same thing. Does it really matter if we render stuff this way.. (Also, if you have a ton of user-generated content like we do, you can pretty much throw any fantasies of 100% perfect validation right out the window.) That said, validation does have its charms.

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