Updating bylaws

11-Nov-2017 16:09

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In giving previous notice at a meeting, have the proposed amendment written out and give a copy to the secretary. If dues are not paid by March 30 the member will be expelled from membership." A member wants to change the amount of dues to twenty-five () dollars per year.At a meeting, the member would rise, address the chair, and state, "Mr.Finally, record how it was worded, when adopted, and numerical vote (12 voted in the affirmative and 6 in the negative. There was a two-thirds vote in the affirmative and the amendment was adopted.) Final Suggestion If bylaws are put on a computer disc then printed and put in a three ring binder, it becomes easy to make changes to the bylaws. President, I rise to give previous notice that I will make a motion to amend our bylaws at the next meeting.

The optional language must be approved by the members of a Local PTA with a 2/3 vote. For updated bylaws (no amendments), select the “requires no changes” option.b.

Another consideration is that the dues cannot be lowered beyond .00.

The proposal was to "raise" dues not "lower" the dues.

If this is going out in the call to the meeting write the bylaw as it now stands, naming the Article and Section. states, "Membership dues are fifteen dollars () per year and must be paid by January 30.

Then state the proposed amendment and how it would read if amended. If not paid by January 30, the member is considered delinquent and cannot vote at any meeting until the dues are paid.

As the chartering association, Texas PTA provides a template that includes both required and optional language.