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11-Jan-2018 18:59

His big three imho we're all sung by Glen Campbell; By the time I get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman and Galveston.

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In this song Jim Webb shows us once again how the simpleist lyric can produce the most intricate emotions.

"By the time I get to Phoenix" in my opinion is about the first day of closure to dysfunctional and tedious relationship.

"Tony, the Wikipedia entry for this song ( has a section on the possible journey from LA to Phoenix and it concludes that the song's time frame is unfeasible.steve from calif.

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Without that information the possibility of achieving the journey if only in my head is impossible!We endure much pain and severe suffering as humans do to the courage not to change.

A couple of weeks ago, Garrett and I looked at our calendar and realized that it was filling up pretty quickly with fun events with family and friends, but we wanted to plan something for just the two of us.… continue reading »

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