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I bet when you first glimpsed at this coverpage you thought it was someone else being a guest at my site!

Well guess what, I cut my hair really short, and dyed it black! Back a few weeks ago we went to this place, and picked out a wig, and I wanted something totally opposite of what my hair is like.

After reading it, I checked it out and decided we should share it with you guys. Dear Cole & Hunter, I am writing you out of the blue because I want to thank you for your book. My boyfriend of many years and I have just opened up our relationship to include others (both men and women).

We have been recently going thru some “issues in the bedroom” that I could not quite figure out and because of these issues we were growing apart.

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I instantly fell in love with you both, but that’s another story.

I was at a loss as to what to do about my obviously gay or bi boyfriend.

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I decided to confront him in a nice way and he just shrugged it off and told me it was nothing and we would work it out.