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19-Aug-2017 22:15

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Here’s how: The whole purpose of putting a cosigner on a loan, from a lender’s standpoint, is to lower the risk of the loan.For that reason, the lender has no incentive to make it easy to release the cosigner.For example, at Citizens Bank a cosigner may be released after 36 consecutive payments of both principal and interest.Of course, this creates a strong incentive for the student to make all payments on time. Students eager to refinance their loans through a private lender may run ..Banks that offer student loan refinance and consolidation products should have a ... of her debt by refinancing through a private lender, aiming for the lowest possible rate. Private loan refinancing may involve consolidating various loans but ...How do I consolidate or refinance my student loans? Refinance and consolidate both federal and private student loans; Rates ... The best banks to refinance your student loan do not charge such fees.

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If your cosigner dies or declares bankruptcy, it eliminates the lender’s protection and gives them cause to accelerate collection on the loan.

If a young person, just out of school, misses a payment and takes a hit to their credit, they may have years to fix that mistake before they make big purchases like a home or a car.

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