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And as far as Green Day not rocking harder than the three most recent bands you've mentioned, I shall not speak blasphemy against Black Sabbath. And let me say something,they are proud to be american. If you don't like the music yourself or children listening than don't listen. Oh and those of you who are pissed of because younger people are listening are just jelous. It is more interesting when they cover things up instead of flat out saying them because it gives you a chance to think about it. I'm a Democrat who largely agrees with their antiwar views.

Those two alone are two of the greatest bands of all time, hands down. But what their saying is the goverment isn't only messing with america but in other places on earth as well. From Dookie to American Idiot.(I know that Dookie wasn't their first album but the one most people can find in places)These guys are professionals. Looking at younger people listening to mature music makes them think that they are stupid or ignorent and only say that to make themselves feel smarter. I like green day, I get tired of people debating whether they are are punk o rnot. You can inurpret it in your own way, but there is always a true meaning Ha! But I find the way they approach the issue just lame.

But what you have failed to give us is a valid reason why you do not like them.

So it's no wonder that arguing over Green Day's genre is a waste of time. real music is The Who, The Doors, Yardbirds, Alice Cooper! Genesis was with the song "Jesus He Knows Me" skewering televangelists.Simply because one band is better than another does not mean that the lesser band isn't good.If you'd care to make a justified argument as to why "Green Day" sucks, I'm sure that everyone would be more than happy to hear it (whether we agree or disagree), but don't perpetually bring up reasons that have no bearing on the conversation and expect for your arguments to be taken seriously. While I kind of like this song musically (a throwback to their older style), the lyrics bug me.I am a bit more mature than others by how my parents brought me up and yeah I might be a little late posting this and I don't care.

Holiday, is an amazing song and if you can't stop nit-picking at every aspect of it just to try and make yourself seem all high and mighty, well, that's just too bad....

I'm so tired of these bands saying oh yea were punk, were rock, were cool. And yes Queen waste's greenday, theres not even a compation there. This is by far the best greenday songs, and im still waiting for their new album. I mean, I connect to it more than with all the contemporary christian stuff.