Are chloe rose and sam earle dating

24-Sep-2017 08:58

I think these two are my favorite offscreen although my reasons are really superficial; Sam's by the far the best tweeter and Chloe, from what I can tell by her tumblr, is my art-loving tree-hugging twin. Go out and have fun kids and come home and tweet about cats and reblog some Francesca Woodman.

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Obviously the girl who hacked Joelle Farrow regrets her decision but just so you know, Joelle went into major stress mode. And I just don't remember this being a problem five years ago.She'd post pics, they'd get posted on forums, maybe icons would be made, but that was about the end of it.But with twitter it's almost like having a conversation with someone. I think this is dangerous because it leads some fans to feel like they're untitled to knowing all about the actors' private lives.What isn’t cool is hacking our castmember’s real private facebook accounts, hotmail, twitter or making fake accounts of everyone to get our personal information.

Yes our jobs make our lives more public and open however we are entitled to some privacy. I really don’t want every picture I own up on the internet and i’m sure you wouldn’t either.There isn't many years that separate stuff like tumblr, twitter, or livestream.