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Bailon was a regular fixture on earlier episodes of "Keeping Up" and was a guest at Khloe's recent wedding to Lamar Odom.

No news on what Kardashian will do with the tattoo of Adrienne's name that he had inked on his chest.

Evelyn does admit to not believing the man charged with the maid's murder is in fact the real killer, but the Powells agree they can't be having the police look further into their lives.

Evelyn is later able to find a maid, Marisol, to clean up the room in which Flora was killed; Adrian finds her and is immediately intrigued, especially once talking to her some.

Adrian is still intrigued by Marisol though, and so he decides to meet with Taylor and change her mind.This only furthers when he attends Michael Stappord's birthday celebration and witnesses Marisol throw out his ex-wife, Olivia.With everyone having been entertained by that showdown, Adrian is the first to start applauding her.During this, Adrian told Genevieve that he believed the two had an amazing connection, though in actuality it was just a form of flirtation.

Adrian's affair with the maid, Flora Hernandez, is found out by Evelyn, who confronts the two and makes them put a stop to it during one of their parties.

He soon introduces her to his unhappily married friend, Michael Stappord, and after a night together, the two enter a long-term affair.